AAA Fight Club


  • Kickboxing fitness has revolutionized the Fitness industry
  • IKF/AAA Fight class incorporates kickboxing techniques to formulate a structured workout with pads
  • The key to the Success of the Fight class is that it IS NOT A CARDIO  Kickboxing class- it is much better
  • Using pads/bags and gloves , Resistance training is incorporated in the workout.- this gives the client the Maximun benefit and produces optimum results.



  • The AAA Fight Class was developed 15 years ago as a formatted fitness class. Incorporating correct and approved techniques, the fight class has revolutionized the fitness group class and padwork personal training.
  • Using pads, gloves and bags with building block combinations the client is taken through 4 rounds of Kicking and 4 rounds of Punching.
  • Using the same Fight Class philosophy, personal trainers can use padwork to add variety to their routine.